Our Story

Geist is a private art dealership, operating between London and New York, primarily dealing in modern and contemporary works. Our current focus is building up an international market and exhibition schedule for Arturo Di Modica, creator of the Wall Street Charging Bull, whom we act as his first official representative.

Founded in 2011 in London as a start-up gallery, we opened our first space on Bruton Street, Mayfair just a few doors down from where the Queen was born. During this period we were building up our artist roster and working with our first few collectors. In late 2012, I travelled to Sicily to meet with Di Modica for the first time. Prior to this, he had worked the majority of his career completely alone. Immediately upon meeting him, hearing his life story and beginning to understand the meaning of his work, I felt we had discovered something very special.

At the start of 2013, we signed a representation agreement with Di Modica. However, he had no inventory to consign to us or any marketing material to help us sell. The name Arturo Di Modica was not well known but everyone recognised his world famous bull. Despite no marketing and no inventory, we wanted to try to generate interest. To our surprise within the first month we closed a private commission for ten times the price we had ever sold at prior to this. And then a few months later, the second commission was agreed, this time twenty times our past prices. With the results we were achieving with Di Modica and the momentum it brought, by the end of 2013 we were able to open a 2,500 sq foot space on Mount Street.

During our years on Mount St, the private commissions for Di Modica continued to roll in and we began dealing in important blue chip secondary works. With Di Modica, our initial expectation was that the market was going to be primarily hedge funders and collectors involved in the finance industry. And our first collectors were hedge funders. However we went on to sell to all different backgrounds, nationalities, ages and genders. We had transacted millions of dollars in deals as a start-up gallery with little marketing, a limited pool of buyers and no physical inventory so we had enough evidence to know the potential of the market was huge. However with our resources at the time we were unable to run the gallery operation, commission inventory and undertake all the work which needed to be done in order to communicate the story of Arturo Di Modica to the world.

By 2016 we had made the decision to close the Mount St gallery and focus our efforts and resources almost exclusively on our representation of Di Modica as well continuing to build our existing clients collections. Rather than only selling directly it became our model to build up a highly professional global marketplace of dealers, galleries and auction houses capable to selling at the highest level. One of the biggest challenges we faced was documenting and archiving Di Modica's life and works dating back to 1941 as this was something which had never been done before.

In 2019 the retrospective book 'Arturo Di Modica, The Last Modern Master' will be published. This year will also see us start a global exhibition tour marking 30-years since Di Modica arrived on Wall Street, during the middle of the night, with his 16ft bronze Charging Bull masterpiece on the back of a truck which he proceeded to drop outside of the New York Stock Exchange with no prior permission from the authorities.

At the point of this letter, the world knows Charging Bull but less well known is the name Arturo Di Modica and almost unknown is his incredible life story as well as the entirety as well as diversity of his body of art. It is our mission to change this and with our growing team, something we are absolutely committed to achieving.

Jacob Harmer
Managing Director
January 2019